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Thursday, December 31, 2020

HornsCorner - Bowl Game Recap: Texas vs Colorado (2020)

HornsCorner - Bowl Game Recap: Texas vs Colorado (2020)

by Nicholas "NinosCorner" Battle

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  • The inability of this coaching staff to put the best players on the field at ALL times is so frustrating.  Bijan Robinson should never leave the field until he wants to.  He could have easily amassed 350 yards from scrimmage against Colorado. The only thing holding him back was the Texas coaching staff. 
  • I was on a group chat during the game and all 10 of the chatters thought the exact same thing:  Tom Herman is not giving the ball to Bijan like he should because he want to make senior QB, Sam Ehlinger, the MVP of the game during his last game at Texas.  Would suck if it's true, because no matter how you win the game, just win.  
  • Speaking of Sam's last game...the key question now is if Ehlinger will return for a fifth season since the NCAA is granting a free year of eligibility due to COVID.  If Ehlinger does come back, you can kiss redshirt sophomore quarterback Casey Thompson bye. I can't imagine him wanting to sit on the bench for 4 straight years with no real shot to play.  
  • Speaking of Casey Thompson, he was absolutely extraordinary during the bowl performance.  In around 20 minutes of total game time, Thompson threw 4 TDs and delivered the ball with more zip and accuracy than we have seen all year.  In all actuality, Thompson's 20 minute performance may have been the best QB performance we have seen on the 40 acres in a couple years.  
  • The performance of Thompson makes you want to see him start next year.  The offense during the bowl game seemed to open up when Thompson entered in the second half.  All of a sudden, the ball was being delivered at distances of 40 yards or more...who would have thought???
  • Don't get me wrong, I love everything sam has done for this University.  The young man bleeds burnt orange and I absolutely love him for that.  However, in saying all of this, Sam does not need to come back for that free COVID 5th year.  This should be Thompson's team next year.  Sam staying an extra year will force Thompson to transfer and leave the 2022 QB room with just Hudson Card and Charles Wright.  For as good as we've heard that Card has been in "practice," asking him and Wright to be prime-time ready too early is what has gotten Texas in the 10 year quarterback problem we've experienced.  No QB depth post Colt McCoy led to the Longhorns starting the likes of Case McCoy, Tyronne Swoopes, Jerrod Heard, and Shane Buechelle.  Having Thompson as a starter for 2 years before handing the reigns over to Card (or whoever follows) is the most ideal situation Texas can ask for.   
  • The Texas offensive line played really well.  Who would have thought that this unit would have played extremely well for 2 straight games, especially during the bowl game in which 3 starters (Cosmi, Kerstetter, and Okafor) did not play. 
  • The Longhorn defense was all over the place.  The front seven played extremely well.  The defensive line was explosive and I cannot wait to see more of Alfred Collins and Vernon Broughton over the next few years on the line.  
  • Speaking of Collins, he deserves a nomination to appear on an episode of "You Got Mossed" for his 1-handed interception.  This kid is going to be really special for Texas.  
  • DeMarvion Overshown is the unquestioned leader of the defense with the departure of Joseph Ossai for the NFL.  Overshown's decision to come back for his last year will be big for him.  He's finally coming into his own at linebacker and I expect him to be an All Big XII performer next year, and possibly an All-American.  
  • True freshman linebacker, Jaylon Ford, looked the part during the game.  It will be a nice battle between him and Juwan Mitchell for the starting linebacker spot next to Overshown next year. 
  • The secondary didn't play bad at all either.  Josh Thompson got away with a pass interference during the first half of the game, but you will take the calls (or non-calls) as they come.  
  • All-in-all, this was a game that I felt extremely excited to continue to watch as it progressed.  The Longhorns posted 124 points over the last 2 games.  Will this be enough for Tom Herman to keep his job??? Who knows....however, just sit back and enjoy the win for a little bit.  

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