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Sunday, November 8, 2020

HornsCorner - Game Recap: Texas vs West Virginia (2020)

HornsCorner - Game Recap: Texas vs West Virginia (2020)

by Nicholas "NinosCorner" Battle

NinosCorner Number Definition

The NinosCorner Number (NCN) for the analysis of a team showcases how efficient a team is by calculating the offensive and defensive productivity of a team. These numbers are categorized into two sections…Offense (NCN-OFF) and Defense (NCN-DEF). To calculate the NCN-OFF and NCN-DEF, Offense and Defense Success Rates (OSR and DSR) will be analyzed to illustrate how successful and effective a team is.  OSR and DSR are calculated by accomplishing successful plays.  Successful plays occur when a play gains enough yardage to keep an offense progressing towards a 1st down (50% of yardage on 1st down, 70% on 2nd down, or 100% on 3rd/4th down).  A higher number equates to a better overall score. 




Nino's Thoughts:
  • Sam Ehlinger has to play better if this team wants to have a shot of winning out.  His play over the last few weeks has been less than stellar.  Per the NCN, Sam was outplayed by the Mountaineer starting quarterback, Jarrett Doege.  Ehlinger had a below average NCAA Success Rating (SR) of 31%, compared to Doege's above average 45%.   
  • The Longhorn defense was outstanding once again.  Chris Ash's unit has definitely improved week-to-week.  They posted a 60.8 NCN-DEF, more than 15 points higher than the NCAA average. 
  • Speaking on the defense, linebacker DeMarvion Overshown, has shown us that his switch to linebacker from safety was the absolute right move for himself and this team.  His lateral quickness and sideline-to-sideline speed is amazing.
  • Freshman running back, Bijan Robinson, was spectacular, starting the game with a 54-yard run on the Longhorn's first offensive play and ending the game on a 34-yard reception to secure the win.  
  • The tight end position was phased out this week...accounting for only one target to Jared Wiley, one target to Epps, and no targets to Brewer over the entire game.  
  • The Texas defensive line played extremely well again, limiting West Virginia to just 43 yards on 26 attempts.
  • I don't recall too many breakdowns on the Texas offensive line over the course of the game.  Anytime you can't remember whether that unit did something good or bad, that's usually a good sign that they did their job.  
  • Jake Smith showed up when he has been needed over the past couple of weeks.  His 33-yard TD was crucial to winning this game.  
  • Texas had 2 more explosive plays than West Virginia (7 vs 5).  None was more important than the 34-yard reception to Bijan Robinson to seal the game.  
  • West Virginia may have cost themselves the game with not electing to kick 2 field goals throughout the game in the redzone.  Instead, West Virginia went for it twice of 4th downs and the Longhorn defense stopped them both times.  
  • Texas plays Kansas in two weeks.  They should win this game, but you never know in the offensive-happy league we call the Big XII. 

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