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Monday, November 30, 2020

HornsCorner - Game Recap: Texas vs Iowa State (2020)

HornsCorner - Game Recap: Texas vs Iowa State (2020)

by Nicholas "NinosCorner" Battle

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Nino's Thoughts:

  • First off, we'll discuss the elephant in the room.  Friday's loss to ISU more than likely sealed the end of the Tom Herman regime at Texas.  Was Herman an epic failure at Texas like his predecessor Charlie Strong?  No, however, Herman was too inconsistent of a play-caller and coach at a true Blue Blood Program, as Texas is.  Herman talked a good game, but I never felt as though he, or his team, "walked the talk."
  • Herman continuously preached the old US Marine Corps mantra of "you do not rise to the occasion...you fall to the level of your training." Unfortunately for Longhorn fans, the level of this Texas team's training was average, evident in Herman's 30-18 record at Texas over the past 4 seasons.  
  • Texas has a ton of talent, especially in regards to the Big XII.  Only one team has more 4 and 5 star talent (based on Rivals.com rankings) in the Big XII than Texas.  That team is Oklahoma.  However, Texas has 53 4 and 5-star players on their roster over Herman's tenure.  The next closest competitor in the Big XII is TCU with 20 4 and 5-star players.  There is no reason, from a talent standpoint alone, that Texas should be losing to less talented teams.  The reason for these losses is coaching, and that falls squarely on Herman.  
  • At a school like Texas, it is imperative that you make the correct coordinator position hires no later than year 2.  Herman overhauled more than 70% of his staff after year 3, clearly suggesting that he initially made the wrong hires and stuck with those hires for nearly 40 games.  This is completely unacceptable in college football.  It's totally unfair to the players.  If a kid committed to Texas when Herman was hired, 40 games is 75% of these kid's playing career.  That's 75% of your college career not being coached to the best of their abilities.  This is an epic fail on behalf of Herman.  
  • I prolonged this write-up to listen to Herman's Monday press-conference in preparation for the Kansas State game.  After watching his body language during the questions asked, Herman must have been told he is gone after the Kansas game (if it is even played). He knows he has failed.  He knows the same mistakes are happening each week.  He knows he's done at Texas and there's nothing he can complain about his near to be firing in a couple of weeks.  Sure, he has a huge buyout dollar figure, but nobody wants to be fired.  Especially coaches.  It's not only a "pride" thing, but it is also a "I want to eventually get another head coaching job somewhere else" thing.    
  • There's no need to really discuss the game stats and analysis.  It's the same from week-to-week.
    • 1. Ehlinger played outstanding early, but has to play better to close out games (see my previous 2 game write ups).
    • 2. Overshown is a boss.  His move to linebacker was the absolute correct move for this defense and his NFL future. 
    • 3. Jared Wiley should start over Brewer (see my previous 3 or 4 write-ups). 
    • 4. The offense has to play better (see my previous 3 or so write-ups).  
    • 5.  The offensive line is...well, rather offensive when it come to playing well.  They are just not a good unit overall.  
  • My top 5 points above have been stressed all season suggesting that no significant change under Herman has been made.  
  • Texas Athletic Director has some work to do.  Who replaces Herman?  Is it Urban Meyer...is it Matt Campbell...is it Cristobal?  We shall see. 

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