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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

HornsCorner - Game Recap: Texas vs OU (2020)

 HornsCorner - Game Recap: Texas vs OU (2020)

by Nicholas "NinosCorner" Battle

This past Saturday, the Texas Longhorn football team lost to Oklahoma in a thrilling 4 overtime game.  As tough as the outcome of this game was to swallow, the immediate following actions were just as bad for Lifetime Longhorns.  

This Longhorn team is a reflection of it's coach, and it isn't very good at all.  Tom Herman is over his head.  I'll admit...I drank the burnt orange Kool-Aid when he was hired on to replace Charlie Strong.  I thought we were getting the next up-and-coming future star coach.  Boy, were we wrong. Sure, Herman won more games his second season than previous coach Charlie Strong did in 2 years total.  Sure, Herman won all of his bowl games thus far throughout his coaching tenure, to include a win against Georgia in the Sugar Bowl a couple years back.  Sure, Herman recruited well.  However, there was just something "not right" about the situation.  

The first warning sign is that Herman's teams either play up or down to their competition.  They never seem to just put their foot on full throttle against a team they should definitely beat.  The second warning sign is that the team is consistently undisciplined in all three phases of the game.  This falls square on the coach. The third sign is the apparent lack of player development.  The fourth is....you get my drift.  I can go on-and-on about the failures of this team, but in the essence of time, I won't.  

The thread that has kept this team sewn together over the last four years is senior quarterback, Sam Ehlinger.  Was Saturday's game perfect from him?  Hell no, but where would this team be without him?  My guess would be 3-7 or 2-8 this season without him, which is sad for a team that has 52 four and five star recruits on its roster.  Sam bleeds burnt orange, and its evident in his play and love for the school.  If Texas could field 21 more starters with his heart and love for this school, they'd be playing for the CFP championship every year.  It sounds good; however, this team does not have Sam's tenacity from top-to-bottom of the roster.  They don't have the same love that Sam has for his university. 

Since we're talking about love for The University of Texas, let's discuss the elephant in the room of Sam being the only player to stand in front of the Longhorn band and sing "The Eyes of Texas" after the loss.  What used to be an automatic event after every game...is no more.  How do I feel about this?  I don't know how to feel, but I do know that the locker room is severely divided and splintered.  This should not happen in year 4 of a coaches tenure, especially with a quarterback of Sam's magnitude.  Coach Tom Herman and Texas Athletic Director, Chris Del Conte, totally botched this situation, and in regards to Tom Herman, this may cost him his job at this season's end.  We shall see.  

Nino's Thoughts: 

  • For the 3rd week in a row, the Texas offense did not kick into gear until they were down 2 possessions late in the 4th quarter.   Slow starts have killed this team.
  • Was Ehlinger perfect? No, but where would Texas be without him?  He damn near willed this team to a win by himself
  • Speaking of Ehlinger, for as gutsy of a performance as he had, he still got outplayed by a redshirt freshman who was benched after the 1st quarter
  • The Longhorn running game was...wait a minute, did our running backs stay at the team hotel or were they at the game?  What a horrible showing from that unit.
  • To go along with the running game, the Texas offensive line was putrid.  Bye Herb Hand. 
  • The Texas defense posted 2 sacks, 8 tackles for loss, and created 3 turnovers...and still lost. 
  • The Longhorn defense held their own during regulation, but allowed big play after big play in overtime.  
  •  Chris Brown...please don't flex your muscles after giving up a first down on your own 1-yard line.
  • Jordan Whittington is going to be a really good player.
  • Will Jake Smith ever be healthy? 
  • Christian Jones is getting abused...week-in, week-out
  • If I had to put money on it, I'd be willing to bet my check that Tom Herman won't be at Texas next year. 
  • The image of Ehlinger standing by himself at the end of the game is an embarrassment to this team and school.  

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