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Sunday, September 13, 2020

HornsCorner - Game Recap: Texas vs UTEP (2020)

HornsCorner - Game Recap: Texas vs UTEP (2020)

by Nicholas "NinosCorner" Battle

Week 1 is in the books, and let me tell you...It's a mighty fine day to be a Longhorn!  I know, I know...it was against UTEP; however, Texas did what it was supposed to do against an inferior team.  They dominated the game from start to finish on both sides of the ball and it was enjoyable to watch. 

Texas quarterback, Sam Ehlinger, passed for over 400 yards and 5 touchdowns by halftime...wow!  Additionally, the Longhorn defense only allowed 3 points for the entire game.  One thing that really stuck out to me was even when the backup players came into the game, there was not a huge drop-off in overall play and production.  In fact, in some instances, the backup players played better than a few of the starters.  We'll dig deeper into that in the Nino's Thoughts section later in the article.  

How efficient was this Texas offense?  Well, judging by the NinosCorner Number (NCN), Texas was extremely effective and efficient. The Longhorns posted an 89 point NCN-OFF, which is 49 points higher than the NCAA average.  An encouraging statistic is that the team was above the NCAA average every quarter, suggesting that the Longhorns have been well-coached in the weeks leading up to this game.  Kudos to new offensive coordinator Mick Yurcich for a good start to his Longhorn coaching career.  

Texas was also very explosive in their first contest of the 2020 season.  The Longhorns posted an explosive play (XP) rate of 22%, equating to 16 of their 72 offensive plays being 15 yards or more.  In fact, nearly 70% of Texas' offensive yards (479 yards of' 686 total yards) were from explosive plays, at a rate of 29.9 yards per explosive play.  This offense was fun to watch.  

For as efficient as the Texas offense was, the Longhorn defense was equally impressive.  The Chris Ash led unit posted a 66.8 NCN-DEF, nearly 22 points higher than the NCAA average.  The Texas defense was successful on nearly 71% of run plays they defended, as well as nearly 59% of pass plays defended.  The Longhorns only allowed 4 explosive plays from the UTEP offense, a total that only accounted for 8% of UTEP's total offensive production.  The defense accounted for 2 sacks and an interception.  They were exceptional all night.  

Nino's Thoughts

  • Before the season began, I would have bet a paycheck that the starting cornerbacks would have been Jalen Green and Anthony Cook.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a highly productive combination of D'Shawn Jamison and Josh Thompson.  Both played very well. 
  • Speaking of Josh Thompson, he may have been the best defensive player on the field last night. 
  • D'Shawn Jamison is a freak athlete.  It's too bad the put return he ran for a touchdown was called back.  The staff has definitely put him in the perfect position to have ample opportunities to affect a game in a positive manner.  I'm calling it now...his special teams play will win Texas one game this year. 
  • Alfred Collins is taking someone's job by week 4.  Book it. That true freshman played like a guy who's been in the program for at least a year.  
  • Sam Ehlinger is on a mission...and I like it!  He flat-out balled on Saturday night. 
  • The Texas run game must improve.  I was expecting more from the running game than what was delivered. 
  • Speaking of the running game, Roschon Johnson trotting out with the starters was surprising.  He's my favorite Longhorn to watch play.
  • Overshown at LB is fun to watch.  His speed and range are exactly what is needed in the Big XII.
  • Jordan Whittington sustained a non-contact knee injury. Hoping for the best for him, but it just seems like he cannot stay healthy.
  • Cort Jaquess with his 2nd straight start...I see you!
  • The 2 grad transfer WRs, Tarik Black and Brenden Schooler, each had a hell of a game.  7 catches, 145 yards, and 2 TDs between the two is ok with me. 
  • The Big XII had a rough first week with Kansas, Kansas St, and Iowa St all losing to non-Power 5 conference teams.  This year is looking to be a 3 team race of Texas, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma St for the Big XII title.  

NinosCorner Number Definition

The NinosCorner Number (NCN) for the analysis of a team showcases how efficient a team is by calculating the offensive and defensive productivity of a team. These numbers are categorized into two sections…Offense (NCN-OFF) and Defense (NCN-DEF). To calculate the NCN-OFF and NCN-DEF, Offense and Defense Success Rates (OSR and DSR) will be analyzed to illustrate how successful and effective a team is.  OSR and DSR are calculated by accomplishing successful plays.  Successful plays occur when a play gains enough yardage to keep an offense progressing towards a 1st down (50% of yardage on 1st down, 70% on 2nd down, or 100% on 3rd/4th down).  A higher number equates to a better overall score.




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