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Friday, August 30, 2019

Player Spotlight: Travis Etienne

Player Spotlight:  Travis Etienne
by Nicholas "NinosCorner" Battle
In my three years of compiling our custom BattleStat Number (BSN), no running back, college or NFL, has ever crossed the 100 point composite BSN score until we evaluated Travis Etienne.  The Jennings, LA native has speed, speed, and more speed.  His 10.5 second 100-meter dash time is not only confined to the track, he carries that speed to the field every Saturday with his Clemson teammates.

Etienne registered an unheard of 116 BSN-rushing rate for the 2018 season.  His 15.2% explosive play (XP) rate was more than twice that of NFL leader, Matt Brieda's 6.5%.  Etienne also scored a touchdown on just shy of 1 of every 9 carries...for a grand total of 24 rushing touchdowns.  The only NFL running back to even compete in the same stratosphere as this percentage is Alvin Kamara; scoring a rushing touchdown 1 of every 14 carries.

Etienne is a true game changer with the ball in his hands.  My personal NFL comparison for Etienne is Denver Bronco's speedster, Phillip Lindsay.  Although Etienne is a bit bigger than Lindsay, both have the break-away speed to finish each carry with a touchdown.  However, in order to become a more complete back, Etienne must get more comfortable as a pass catcher during his junior year at Clemson.  If he can accomplish this, he could potentially become the first running back selected in the 2020 draft.

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