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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Player Spotlight: Rico Bussey Jr.

Player Spotlight:  Rico Bussey Jr.
by Nicholas "NinosCorner" Battle
The University of North Texas had a really good season in Conference USA play last season.  A huge part of their success was wide receiver, Rico Bussey Jr; a 6'2" and 195 pound catching machine.

Bussey Jr. was an absolute play-maker for UNT in 2018.  All he did was catch touchdowns at a high rate, as well as amass an enormous amount of explosive plays.  Bussey Jr. recorded an astounding 17.6% touchdown per catch rate last season.  The average NFL TD/catch rate was 8.4%.  In fact, only one NFL receiver, Mike Williams of he LA Chargers, posted a higher TD/catch rate than Bussey Jr.

When it comes to explosive play rates, Bussey Jr. posted a 36.8% college explosive play rate; meaning nearly 37% of the passes he caught were 15+ yards.  When we extrapolate that number to the NFL, his explosive play rate was still very good, totaling a 26.5% explosive play rate of receptions of 20+ yards.  This explosive play rate would rank Bussey Jr. in the to 13 receivers in the NFL.

Bussey Jr. compiled a composite BattleStat Number (BSN) of 60.9.  His BSN, coupled with his NFL equivalent explosive play rate, and TD/catch percentage slots him to NFL receivers such as Davante Adams (BSN: 65.2, XP rate: 16.2%, TD/catch: 11.7%), Robert Woods (BSN: 65.1, XP rate: 23.3%, TD/catch: 7%), and Chris Godwin (BSN: 56.2, XP rate: 16.9%, TD/catch: 11.9%)

I'm very eager and intrigued by the match-up in UNT's week 10 game against Louisiana Tech.  Bussey Jr. should be lined up against one of the C-USA's best cornerbacks, Amik Robertson.  This should be a scrappy contest, and I cannot wait to enjoy the festivities. 

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