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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Player Spotlight: Marquez Stevenson

Player Spotlight:  Marquez Stevenson
by Nicholas "NinosCorner" Battle
Few wide receivers in college football possess the natural speed and quickness of Houston's Marquez Stevenson.  Not only is he a speedy receiver, but he is also a multi-threat athlete who returns kicks and punts as well as anyone else in the nation.

Stevenson is a big time deep threat, with nearly 31% and 20% of his receptions consisting of catches over 15 yards and 20 yards, respectively.  His breakaway speed is used throughout every game, usually requiring a safety over the top of him in coverage.  Stevenson's BattleStat Number (BSN) of 55.4 is consistent with NFL receivers DeSean Jackson (54.7) and Chris Godwin (56.2).  All three receivers have great speed and can be electric when utilized on special teams as well.

To continue his progression as the Cougar's "go-to" receiver, Stevenson must improve on his route-running; however, most young college receivers do.  He is a dynamic player that is a true threat every time he gets the ball, evident by him scoring a touchdown on 12% of his catches.  For reference, of the 69 receivers in the NFL targeted 50 times or more, their average TD per catch percentage is 8.4%.  The 2019 season should prove to be a great one for the Shreveport, LA native.  I'll be watching for sure!

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