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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Game Recap: Texas vs Kansas 2018

Game Recap:  Texas vs Kansas 2018
by B.R. Battle
Who would have thought Texas would be playing in the Big XII Championship Game after their season opening loss to Maryland?  I sure as hell didn't think so.  What Tom Herman has accomplished with this team in year 2 of the rebuild is completely outstanding.  He has completely turned the culture in the right direction, instilling toughness and a "will to win" that Longhorn fans have not seen since the mid-to-late 2000s.  Herman has stated that on numerous occasions that this Longhorn team is "overachieving."  Well, for the sake of us Texas fans, let the team continue to overachieve...hopefully to the tune of an 11 win season, including a Big XII championship and bowl win.  

BattleStat Number Definition
The BattleStat Number (BSN) for the analysis of a team showcases how efficient a team is by calculating the offensive and defensive productivity of a team. These numbers are categorized into two sections…Offense (BSN-OFF) and Defense (BSN-DEF). To calculate the BSN-OFF and BSN-DEF, Offense and Defense Success Rates (OSR and DSR) will be analyzed to illustrate how successful and effective a team is. A higher number equates to a better overall score.

These two offenses left nothing to be desired this past Friday morning in Lawrence, KS.  Although the Texas offense was a more efficient and effective unit compared to Kansas, both teams were unable to develop a rhythm to gain control of the game.

Let's start with the Texas offense.  The Longhorns were near 11 points higher than the NCAA 40 point BSN-OFF average.  On a per quarter basis, there's no shock that Texas had their best BSN-OFF point totals in the 1st (81 points) and 3rd (55 points) quarters. The Longhorn offense turned the ball over in the 2nd and 4th quarter, resulting in below average BSN-OFF scores of 30 and 21 points respectively.  Overall, the good things Texas did on offense outweighed the bad.  They only allowed 2 sacks and committed only 1 penalty.   On the other hand, they committed 2 turnovers, compiled a pedestrian 296 total offensive yards, and posted an NCAA average OSR of 40%.

For as average as the Texas offense was, Kansas was far worse.  They compiled a 30 point BSN-OFF score...10 points below the NCAA average.  This is a bad offensive team, highlighted with below average quarterback play.  The Jayhawks compiled score was a result of poor offensive line play, resulting in 3 sacks and and additional 5 tackles for loss outside of sacks.  Kansas also committed their only turnover at their most inopportune time; just 2 plays after the Jayhawk defense intercepted the ball within the Longhorn Red Zone.

The Texas defense extremely well throughout this game.  They posted a 58 point BSN-DEF, which is 13 points higher than the NCAA average.  They limited the Jayhawk's quarterback, Bender, to a 10.8 QBR.  He looked flustered during the entire game.  Additionally, outside of one 57 yard run from Running Back Pooka Williams Jr, Texas held Kansas to 32 rushes for 80 yards...just 2.5 yards per carry.  The Longhorn defense played a pretty clean game as well, committing just 2 defensive penalties during the game.  All-in-all, the Texas defense played a very efficient game on Friday morning.

The Kansas defense also played well in this contest; posting an above average 51 point BSN-DEF.  The Jayhawk defense came into the game as a highly productive unit that had forced 25 turnovers over the season.  They added 2 more turnovers on Friday, coupled with 2 more sacks.  Kansas was very effective in limiting the Longhorn's star receiver, Lil'Jordan Humphrey to just 25 yards on 2 receptions.  They placed double coverage on him the entire game, giving the Jayhawks an opportunity to stay in a puncher's chance of keeping the game close.  Kansas ultimately had a good gameplay for the contest; however, they lacked the talent to continuously execute their plan.

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