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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Game Recap: Texas vs Tulsa 2018

Game Recap:  Texas vs Tulsa
by B.R. Battle
Photo by Getty Images/North America
Coming into this game, I was expecting Texas' efficiencies and BattleStat Numbers (BSN) to be some of the highest we will have seen for this season.  Why did I believe this?  Well for one,  Tulsa is the only non-power 5 conference team the Longhorns will play this year, and I thought Texas would come out swinging after a disappointing loss to Maryland the previous week.  Well, I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that Texas won the game.  The bad news is that it took a full 4 quarters to beat this Tulsa team...and if we're being honest with ourselves, if Tulsa had a better FG kicker, Texas might be 0-2 right now.  Let's get to the stats.

Through the first half, the Texas offense posted a BSN-OFF rating consistent with exactly what I thought would happen throughout the game.  The Longhorns posted a BSN-OFF of 77 and 63 in the 1st and 2nd quarters, respectively.  Texas put up nearly 300 yards of total offense in the 1st half, scored 3 TDs, committed only 2 penalties, and kept Sam Ehlinger upright.  Additionally, the offense posted Offensive Success Rates (OSR) at percentages well above the NCAA average of 40%...68% for the 1st quarter and 50% for the second quarter to be exact.  The OSR, coupled with additional metrics, tallied to the outstanding composite BSN for this team.

Although the 1st half offense was great, the 3rd quarter offense left much to be desired.  During this period, the Longhorn offense posted a staggering 15 point BSN-DEF.  They turned the ball over once and continued to get tackled behind the line of scrimmage...3 times to be exact.  The 4th quarter was a much better effort by Texas.  They held the ball for 26 of the 36 plays in the quarter and controlled the time of possession.  The Longhorns were able to run the ball effectively and burn as much clock as possible to win the game.  Running back, Daniel Young, iced the game with his 30 yard run late in the 4th quarter.  Texas finished the quarter with a very high and efficient 85 BSN-DEF and completed a game with an above average 54 point BSN-DEF.
The Tulsa offense was not a very efficient offense in the first half.  They posted a 3 point BSN-OFF in the 1st quarter and a 39 point BSN-OFF in the 2nd quarter.  They committed 2 turnovers and 6 penalties during this period, and scored no points.  Their offense's efficiency took a sudden hike in the 2nd half, with Tulsa scoring 3 touchdowns during this period.  Their 4th quarter was magnificent...tallying 2 TDs, no turnovers, and no penalties.  Unfortunate for Tulsa, but fortunate for the Longhorns, the Texas offense was equally impressive to hold off Tulsa from making a comeback.
Coming into this season, you would have never been able to tell me that through the first 2 games of the season, the Texas defense has been an average unit, per OSR and BSN-DEF.  Last night, the Longhorns posted a slightly below NCAA average BSN-DEF of 44 points. They were dominant in the 1st qtr, forcing 2 turnovers and allowing no TDs; however, for the rest of the game, they were a below average unit.  In fact, for the 4th quarter, the Longhorn defense posted a negative BSN-DEF...-1 point to be exact.  The Longhorns were not able to apply any pressure to the Tulsa QB, allowing him to lead his team to 3 TDs in the second half.  On a brighter note, the 2 freshmen safeties, Caden Sterns and BJ Foster, are legit.  They're the real deal...other than that, the bright spots for this defense were far, few, and between.

For as average as the Texas defense was, Tulsa's defense was far worse.  They posted a 31 point BSN-DEF.  For the first half, they posted single digit BSNs...5 for the 1st quarter and 8 for the 2nd quarter.  Their 3rd quarter BSN was average for a NCAA defense, but they reverted back to well below average in the 4th quarter.

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