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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Game Recap: Texas vs Kansas State 2018

Game Recap:  Texas vs Kansas State
by B.R. Battle
Both Texas and Kansas State performed at comparable offense efficiency levels to each other.  Oddly enough, both teams had efficiency scores higher than the NCAA average of 40 points for offensive statistics.  If you watched the game, you'd be hard pressed to say that either of these teams were above average to comparable NCAA teams; however, their scores were higher than anticipated due to both teams limiting sacks on their quarterbacks, limiting penalties, and not turning the ball over.

Kansas St compiled a BattleStat Offense (BSN-OFF) score of 54 points...just slightly above the Longhorn's score of 53 points.  As you can see from the charts below, this game was a tale of two halves for Kansas State's offense.  They were shut out in the first half, but lit it up during the second half after a quarterback change from Alex Delton to Skylar Thompson.  With Delton as the QB, Kansas State averaged a BSN-OFF of 40 points.  Under Thompson's second half reign, the Wildcats averaged a BSN-OFF of 67 points.  Bill Snyder might have "out-coached" himself earlier this week when he decided to start Helton instead of Thompson.
The Texas offense was above average in the first half...scoring 10 points and moving the ball very successfully.  The second half was another story all-together, with the Longhorn offense posting zero points.  The saving grace for this offense was their ability to grind down the KSU defense in the final drive of the fourth quarter.  This is the 4th game in a row in which Texas was able to do this. They imposed their will on the Wildcat defensive line to close out the game in victory formation.  I only have one suggestion for the Texas offensive staff...please play Keaontay Ingram more.  He is by far the best running back on the team...and it's not even close.
If the offenses were essentially even in terms of efficiency, then the 6 point difference in the BattleStat Defense (BSN-DEF) rankings between the two teams was the difference in the outcome of the game. The Kansas St defense posted a 46 point BSN-DEF...just slightly above the NCAA average.  Texas compiled a BSN-DEF of 52 points.  It's a respectable number but 15 points less than the dominant defense Texas rolled out against TCU last week.
Next weeks Red River Showdown versus Oklahoma is going to be a big game for the Longhorns.  To win this game, Texas is going to have to bring out their offense they showcased against USC, coupled with their Defense from the TCU game.  This should be a good one.

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