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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Game Recap: LSU vs Auburn 2018

Game Recap:  LSU vs Auburn
by B.R. Battle
Photo by Kevin Cox (Getty Images)
First off, these teams were evenly matched and the analysis showcases that.  LSU's BattleStat Number - Offense (BSN-OFF) and BattleStat Number - Defense (BSN-DEF) were slightly higher than Auburn.  As previously noted, teams that win out the efficiency battle, usually win the game 83% of the time.
The LSU offense posted a 36 point BSN-OFF, compared to Auburn's 35 point BSN-OFF.  With the average NCAA BSN being 40 points, both teams underachieved on the offensive side of the ball.  The key to LSU winning this game was the difference of offensive efficiencies by quarter for each team.  Auburn's BSN-OFF was extremely high in the 2nd Quarter at nearly 64 points behind 2 touchdowns scored.  However, their BSN-OFF decreased by more than 65% over the next 2 quarters.  On the other hand, LSU's BSN-OFF was pedestrian throughout the first 2 quarters, rounding off to a 26 point BSN-OFF by halftime.  LSU's offense became more efficient after halftime, posting above average BSN-OFF point numbers to the tune of 46 points and 42 points in the 3rd and 4th quarters, respectively.

The defensive stats were a little mind boggling.  Considering the NCAA average BSN-DEF is 45 points, neither LSU or Auburn reached these numbers, per our metric.  First off, Auburn was able to stop the movement of the LSU offense from being effective, for the majority of the game.  Auburn only allowed 121 yards rushing on a 2.9 yards/carry average.  They did allow nearly 250 yards passing; however, they were a bend but not break defense.  LSU was not able to cross the goal line much upon getting into the redzone.

LSU's defense, on the other hand, was nearly equal to Auburn. They posted a 42 point BSN-DEF, as opposed to Auburn's 37 points.  Although LSU's overall BSN-DEF was below the NCAA average, their BSN-DEF after halftime was very explosive.  LSU posted a 49 point and 64 point BSN-DEF in the 3rd and 4th quarters, respectively.  They were able to bunker down in the 4th quarter to force Auburn to no scoring drives in the 4th quarter, and allowing Auburn to only gaining 120 yards over the last 2 quarters.

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