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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Game Recap: Georgia vs South Carolina 2018

Game Recap:  Georgia vs South Carolina 
by B.R. Battle
Photo by The Sporting News
Georgia played a very efficient brand of football Saturday afternoon.  They had Offensive Success Rates of 55%, resulting in a BattleStat Number for Offense (BSN-OFF) of 62.7...nearly 23 points higher than the NCAA average.  Offensively, Georgia was able to break the game open with a tremendous 3rd quarter, racking in a composite BSN-OFF of 115 for that respective quarter.

South Carolina's offense fell below the NCAA average, tallying a below average 38 point BSN-OFF.  Although their offense was able to score one of its two TDs in the 1st quarter, the Gamecocks computed an abysmal 0.7 point BSN-OFF in that quarter.  Starting the game off in this fashion, coupled with multiple turnovers and sacks allowed, resulted quick turnover on downs and bad field position.

Overall, the Georgia defense posted an above average 53 point BattleStat Number for Defense (BSN-DEF).  Keep in mind that the NCAA BSN-DEF average is 45 points.  Although they were only an average team in regards to eliminating South Carolina's offensive efficiency, the Dawgs were a stingy defense in the red zone, forced 2 turnovers, and recorded multiple tackles for Loss and one sack.  The culmination of these metrics resulted in Georgia's above average BSN-DEF.

South Carolina's defense held its own in the first half; however, necessary halftime adjustments were not made to limit Georgia's offense.  In the 3rd quarter, the Gamecocks posted a -2 point BSN-DEF...yes I said -2.  They allowed 3 TDs, put no pressure on the opposing quarterback, and gave up 226 yards in that quarter.  Additionally, for the entire game, the South Carolina defense allowed Georgia QB, Jake Fromm, to have one hell of an efficient game.  Fromm was able to post an passing OSR of 74%, which is 34% above the NCAA average.  As a defensive minded coach, this has to be very underwhelming and unsatisfying for head coach Will Muschamp. 

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