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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Game Recap: Wyoming vs New Mexico State 2018

Game Recap:  Wyoming vs New Mexico State
By: BR Battle
Photo by Andres Leighton (Associated Press)
Well college football fans, the season officially started last night, and through our twitter poll vote from @BStatSports, you selected to have us conduct analysis over the Wyoming vs New Mexico State football game.  If you are a fan of defense, this game was one for you, with neither of the offenses really taking hold of the game.  Sure, Wyoming's offense was much better than New Mexico State's; however, that's not saying much.

For starters, the New Mexico State offense was abysmal.  They posted a 22% Offense Success Rating (OSR), which is far below the NCAA average OSR of 40%.  The Wyoming offense was far better than New Mexico State; however, they did not light the world on fire. Their offense posted slightly above the NCAA OSR average with a near 41% rating.

Initially, when Wyoming's starting Quarterback, Tyler Vander Waal, went 8 for 9 to start the game, I thought there would be plenty of promise with their offense.  Since the hot start, Vander Waal went 4 of 12 for the remainder of the game, hence why Wyoming's 1st quarter OSR was substantially higher than the remaining 3 quarters.  Nico Evans, the starting running back for Wyoming, kept the team's OSR at a slightly above average level.  His outstanding play...25 carries for 204 yards and 2 what kept this offense afloat after Vander Waal's lackluster performance from the 2nd quarter forward.

Both defenses played well in the game, posting above the NCAA Defense Success Rating (DSR) of 45%.  Wyoming posted a 71% DSR, while New Mexico State posted a DSR of 54%.  The main difference between the two defenses is that Wyoming's defense was more opportunistic.  They posted 5 explosive defensive plays, in the form of 4 sacks and and safety, to New Mexico State's none.  Honestly, with the lack of offensive success from New Mexico State, I'm surprised that their defense held up as well as they did. 

Well, next week brings new games to cover and more college football for us fans.  See you next Thursday! 

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