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Saturday, June 23, 2018

25 Greatest Wide Receiver Seasons

Photo by: Pasion Magazine

According to www.numberfire.com, the 25 best Wide Receiver seasons over the past 25 years are annotated in the table below.  We've applied our BSN to the individual seasons to assess what we truly suggests as the BattleStat ranking of the representative seasons.  It's very interesting to see how the numbers played out, especially given the difference in styles of play over the past 2 and a half decades.

Not taking anything away from the players of today, however, viewing these results shows how truly special the players of the first 5-7 years of the 25 year period were.  As we already know, Rice and Irvin were special...I mean really special.  And, that 1995 season shows just how special they were.  In fact, 3 of our top 7 BSNs were from the 1995 season, with Rice, Irvin, and Herman Moore being atop that list.

One thing to note is how gifted and talented Antonio Brown is.  This guys numbers are just amazing. He's explosive, reliable, and hardly ever fumbles or drops the ball.  He can play in any era.  Read below and enjoy.

Antonio Brown (2015)136183413.49122.271078.591
Jerry Rice (1995)122184815.15115.501573.922
Micahel Irvin (1995)111160314.44100.191073.853
Randy Moss (1998)69131319.0382.061771.894
Jordy Nelson 2014)98151915.5094.941370.415
Steve Smith (2005)103156315.1797.691269.616
Herman Moore (1995)123168613.71105.381467.247
Jerry Rice (1994)112149913.3893.691366.598
Randy Moss (2007)98149315.2393.312363.699
Randy Moss (2003)111163214.70102.001763.4610
Reggie Wayne (2007)104151014.5294.381063.3211
Marvin Harrison (1999)115166314.46103.941263.0112
Terrell Owens (2001)93141215.1888.251663.0013
Torry Holt (2003)117169614.50106.001262.7714
Michael Irvin (1992)78139617.9087.25762.1415
Randy Moss (2000)77143718.6689.811561.7116
Wes Welker (2011)122156912.8698.06961.3317
Issac Bruce (2000)87147116.9191.94959.2718
Marvin Harrison (2006)95136614.3885.381258.5119
Jerry Rice (1993)98150315.3493.941558.3320
Chad Johnson (2005)97143214.7689.50955.7321
Tory Holt (2000)82163519.94102.19655.1722
Reggie Wayne (2006)86131015.2381.88952.6723
Jimmy Smith (2000)91121313.3380.87850.9124
Jimmy Smith (2001)112137312.2685.81848.3525

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