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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Offense Success Rate gets back to NCAA average...Longhorn Defense continues to Excels

Offense Success Rate gets back to NCAA average...Longhorn Defense continues to Excels 
by B.R. Battle
Photo:  Ben Queen (USA Today Sports)

Texas visited Morgantown, WV and thoroughly dominated the game from beginning to end, resulting in the Longhorn’s first Bowl eligibility season since 2014.  I think it’s safe to say that the Longhorns decision to start Sam Ehlinger in their final regular season game against Texas Tech this coming Friday, is a great one.  I’m not saying that Shane Buechele did anything wrong in his only 2 drives to start the game; however, he did not do enough to take a stronghold on the starting quarterback position for this team.  It will be interesting to see how Herman manages Shane Buechele this offseason to attempt to have him stay on the 40 acres for the upcoming season.

The Longhorn offense had a success rate (SR) of 42% for the game…just 2% above the NCAA average.  This might sound depressing, but this is the 3rd highest offense SR for the entire season. In fact, all 3 of the highest SRs have come when Ehlinger was at the helm.  Texas also had a pretty successful explosive play rate as well…completing an explosive play of 15 yards or more every 6 plays throughout the game. The Longhorns also compiled success rates of 52% and 40% on 1st and 3rd down respectively, meaning that Texas put themselves in favorable positions after 1st down and completed plays to gain a first down at a rate on par with the NCAA official average.  Overall, the offense took command of the game and controlled at the line of scrimmage (Thanks Connor).  
The Texas defense was in control for the majority of the game.  They posted another outstanding defense SR of 55%.  There were a couple of mistakes that the team had as a whole; however, as a complete unit, this defense was lights out.  For 1st through 3rd downs, the Longhorn defense got stronger per down.  Texas’ defense SR was 39% for 1st down, 63% for 2nd down, and 73% on 3rd down.  Not only is the defense's success rate outstanding, it also shows how strong the unit progressed throughout possessions.  The defense also only allowed 7 explosive plays of 15 yards or more, essentially stifling the West Virginia offense.  There’s not too much more you can say about this defense that hasn’t already been said.  They are an amazing unit that continues to place this team in winning opportunities.  

Battle’s Game Thoughts:

- First off…kudos to the West Virginia fans.  They were all class while we were there.  After the game, I can’t count the number of people that stood and had a conversation about how well the Longhorns played.  

- My wife and I went to the game in West Virginia.  She was amazed at how big some of these kids were, especially Connor Williams.  This team is jacked…in a good way.

- Sam Ehlinger is our starter…period dot.

- Daniel Young might be the most versatile running back Texas has.  He’s big, physical, strong, and deceptively fast.  He and Carter are a great one-two punch for this offense.  

- Chris Warren looks really comfortable in his role as a tight end / H-back.  This might be the perfect situation for him moving forward.  Hopefully he can stay engaged and remain with the team.  He’s too talented to not be on the field in some capacity.

- Connor Williams….what a sight to see.  This kid had no reason to play any game the rest of this season.  He can sit out and be a first round pick this coming April.  Instead, he comes out and dominates the game, showing everyone why he is going to potentially be a top 10 pick.  You can tell he loves this team and the University.

- The Longhorn defense is legit…that’s all.  

- Kudos to Devante Davis. Although he didn’t play at a Hilton Hill level, he played very well.

- Antwaun Davis continues to impress.  There has not been a drop off at all from PJ Locke to Davis. 

- Brandon Jones might have had the play of the game…causing the fumble knocking out WVU’s quarterback.

- Congrats to this team and coaching staff for becoming Bowl Eligible.  This was a big accomplishment for the staff.

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