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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Player Spotlight: Collin Johnson

Player Spotlight:  Collin Johnson
by BR Battle

Photo by:  Will Gallagher of Inside Texas

Collin Johnson is a grown man…period, dot.  This kid has the potential to be a first round pick in the 2019 draft.  Longhorn fans, enjoy him while he’s here. 

During the USC game this past week, Johnson looked to be the best player on the field.  Every ball that was within his reach, he grabbed it.  Of Johnson’s 7 catches, 6 were explosive plays over 15 yards.  In fact, his explosive plays went for an average of nearly 31 yards. 

What was amazing to see was how well Johnson was able to pinpoint the ball while in the air.  Some of his catches looked as if he was a NBA center rebounding over a point guard.  We saw flashes of this last year, as evident in the Texas Tech game where he caught 2 jump balls in the end zone for touchdowns; however, the consistency was not there.  So far this year, Johnson has looked like an All Big 12 player so far, with the potential to be an All-American.  Let’s hope he continues to perform at this level and help lead this Texas team to some wins this season.     

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